Routine Exams & Vaccinations  

Here at HAH we hope that your pets stay healthy and need to see us only once a year for a check-up exam and vaccination updates. During your appointment, the doctor will look in your pet's mouth and ears, listen to his heart and lungs, palpate the abdomen, and check his skin. If all is well, the doctor will go ahead with the vaccines, which are generally:

For dogs:
RABIES: required by law and good for one year the first time it's given, and if updated within the next year, the next shot will be good for three years
DISTEMPER: a yearly vaccine to protect your pet from Distemper, Parvo, and Lepto; the Lepto portion may be removed if your dog is allergic
BORDETELLA: a vaccine that protects against kennel cough and is given yearly — or every six months if your dog visits a groomer or is boarded frequently
LYME DISEASE: An important vaccine to consider since Lyme disease has become a common occurence in our area. Ask our staff or Doctors for more information on getting your dog protected.
FECAL ANALYSIS: Yearly fecal exams are important to identify intestinal parasite eggs which can cause diarrhea, weight loss and anemia.
HEARTWORM TEST: Regular heartworm tests are important to identify those patients who may develop heartworms because of poor owner compliance or in the unlikely event that manufacturing defects may occur.

For cats:
RABIES: required by law and good for one year the first time it's given, and if updated within the next year, the next shot will be good for three years
DISTEMPER: a yearly vaccine that protects against Feline Distemper
FELINE LEUKEMIA: yearly vaccine for the FeLV virus that can be spread between cats through bites; a Feline Leukemia test is recommended for all cats with questionable backgrounds. Cats who roam outdoors or indoor cats who live with other cats who may wander outside should be vaccinated against feline leukemia.
FECAL ANALYSIS: Outdoor cats who may hunt are at risk for picking up a variety of intestinal parasites and should have annual fecal evaluations performed.

Our doctors recommend yearly or bi-yearly heartworm checks for dogs, even when worm preventive is routinely given once a month. If you live in the Hanover area and your dog is not protected against heartworms, it's almost a matter of when, not if, he will get heartworms. Frontline, a topical product that kills fleas and ticks, is recommended to protect your family and pets from ticks and fleas.

In addition to vaccines, our staff will also cut your animal's nails if you'd like, or run a fecal check to look for intestinal parasites such as hook, whip, and tapeworms.

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The doctors at HAH are experienced in a broad range of elective surgeries such as spays, neuters, declaws, hernia and laceration repairs, and surgeries requiring a laser, as well as some orthopedic and abdominal surgery. In the event of more major surgery, specialists are available for referrals.

We routinely use a system which monitors multiple vital signs including EKG, respirations, temperature and oxygen saturation.

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Our staff is trained in taking both emergency and routine films such as hip dyspasia screening. We also have access to boarded radiologists for consultation. Our digital Xray system has greatly improved our ability to obtain high quality consistent films which improves our diagnostic capabilities.

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Our dental equipment makes routine cleanings and extractions even easier for our staff as well as improving the dental health of your pet. It is very important to follow up a professional cleaning with home maintenance to minimize plaque and tartar accumulation. Ask about our February dental health month specials!!

Therapeutic Laser

We have in addition to our surgical laser a therapy laser which is helpful for many conditions such as pain relief,wound healing, arthritis, periodontal disease and many more. Since our pets are living longer these days and since the best approach to many conditions involves the use of multiple treatment modes, the therapeutic laser is a helpful adjunct to conventional treatment plans. Jimmy, Dr. Billeter's dog, is shown getting a treatment from Pam, our office manager. Ask our Doctors and staff if this may be beneficial for your cat or dog.

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In addition to the above services, we also offer hospitalization, isolation facilities, euthanasia, cremation through a local crematory, and referrals to obedience trainers.

If you have any questions or would like to know more details, please give us a call.


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